Where’s the Beef? Look in Your Lunchbox.

from DiscoverSLU:

When you see them, you’ll know why Lunchbox Laboratory hamburgers are – by some lights – considered the number-one burger out there. We’re not talking Seattle. We’re talking America. Just ask Zagat or Gourmet magazine.

Generously crafted with the finest meat and cheeses, fresh greens and spices, the burgers teeter between seedy Kaiser rolls. How about the Maple Bacon, Havarti Cheese and Black Truffle Mayo Burger? Or the Sloppy Joe, made from buffalo (yes, like from Yellowstone), bacon, brown sugar Marsala onions with Colby cheese?

It’s hard to imagine you’ll have much room left, but you’ll kick yourself if you pass up the hand-dipped milkshakes. Like the Heath Toffee Mocha. Or the Coconut Avalanche. Or the Key Lime Pie (served in chemistry beakers, a clever play on the “lab” theme).

Slobbering yet? All this was just to get you psyched before revealing that the heretofore Ballard-based Lunchbox Laboratory has closed and will reopen on January 29 with fanfare in our own South Lake Union. Yeah, baby!

Why the move? Between Lunchbox’s jaw-dropping menu and funky, earth-friendly ambience, Chef Scott Simpson and partner Allegra Waggener had success coming out their ears. But when the lease expired on the restaurant’s Ballard space, they decided they needed a bigger spot to make their magic. And the rest will soon be history.

Lunchbox Laboratory will open in the site formerly occupied by Southlake Grill, which closed last week for remodeling. The result is something old, something new: A reconstituted Lunchbox Lab, with its great stuff intact (including vintage lunchbox collection), plus a few extra bells and whistles, like a full bar with creative cocktails. If you have room.

Tuck in, everyone!

Posted by DiscoverSLU on Jan. 24
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