About Us

world’s best burgers and shakes

In 2011, John Schmidt’s Neighborhood Grills and Arnold Shain started the Lunchbox Laboratory by opening a 5,000 square foot location in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. Here they were able to add a full bar with eclectic cocktails that would match the uncommon burger and shake recipes that they would come to be known for. The space also included classic video games from the 80’s, outdoor seating and the opportunity to expand on the already popular LunchBox menu.

Since 2011 our classically trained chefs continue to strive to uphold the standards of excellence that have brought them continued success. They have built on the success of the “As Seen On TV Dork burger”, the “Burger of the Gods”, the “Astronaut’s Manmosa” and all of their fantastic shakes with items such as:  Buffalo Chicken Roll Ups”, “Classic ‘Merican Mac and Cheese” and the “Drunken Elvis” liquor infused shake. They have also been able to bring that same MacGyver attitude and style to a their daily happy hour and private party menu.

Today, Lunchbox Laboratory continues to be a nationally recognized culinary force. With the South Lake Union, Bellevue, Green Lake, Redmond, and Gig Harbor locations, and more planned on the horizon, they will continue to bring you the “world’s best burgers and shakes” for many years to come!

What’s in the name?

Homage to the Dick’s Deluxe –

The result of our extreme appreciation for Seattle’s own Dick’s Drive-In. What resulted is nothing like the original, but hey, it’s only supposed to be an homage.

The Classic ‘MeriCAN

Super-beef, American cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, bacon and Billion Island sauce.

James West

Super-beef coated in cowboy steak rub, house made Guajillo Cream Cheese, bacon, Papa’s BBQ sauce and onion rings.

The Burger of the Gods –

Give it a try and you’ll understand the name.

Alibaba Burger –

Check this out.

There’s More to Come…

Facts, crazy history, videos… But let’s be honest, those things take time. Why don’t you just join us at the bar and we’ll tell you some more- -LUNCHBOX LABORATORY


  • Drink Specials All Day on Thirsty Thursdays!
  • Oktoberfest Experiments Are Here Folks!
  • Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day with $5 Burger 101s!

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